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Santa Ragione Is Partnering With The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild to Publish Saturnalia, a Sardinian Survival Horror Adventure

Santa Ragione is working with The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild to release Saturnalia, a Sardinian survival horror game rooted deeply in rich regional Italian culture. An ancient ritual carried out over countless generations influences multiple playable characters as they try to uncover the mysteries surrounding a small village. Here’s the catch: once your characters die, they’re done. This roguelike mechanic influences the narrative and changes the map every time there is a death, encouraging players to replay as many times as necessary to discover all paths through the labyrinthian village.

Santa Ragione has assembled an all star team of heavy-hitting creatives for the development of Saturnalia. The writing team consists of Chris Remo (Firewatch and Half-life: Alyx), Nick Breckon (The Walking Dead), and Jake Elliot (Kentucky Route Zero). Helping define the look of the game is Mike Ferraro, most well known for his work on the Adam series built in Unity. Because the studio is based in Milan, Santa Ragione is keeping it authentically Italian by enlisting Lorenzo Silva, Nicolo Sala, and Federico Corbetta Caci to help with music, design, and animation. New to the games industry is Marta Gabas, a well-known set designer who helped with scouting locations in Sardinia and achieving the perfect atmosphere for a game of this scale.

Saturnalia is releasing on the Epic Games Store in 2020.

Features Unique to Saturnalia:

  • Procedural open world, roguelite exploration.
  • Unique characters with different powers and backstories.
  • Manage resources and light to survive, remember your paths to safety.
  • Layered levels, discover shortcuts back to important areas of interest.
  • M̴u̸l̵t̸i̶p̴l̵e̴ ̴e̶n̶d̶i̸n̷g̸s̴,̵ ̴a̸l̴l̴ ̸a̶f̶f̶e̶c̸t̶e̸d̶ ̴b̵y̵ ̶t̷h̶e̵ ̶”̶p̸e̸r̷m̷a̸d̵e̷a̵t̵h̷”̷ ̴o̴f̵ ̷e̸a̴c̵h̶ ̴c̴h̶a̴r̷a̸c̸t̷e̵r̸.̶
Saturnalia – Announcement Teaser

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