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Shivering Hearts Is Coming to Steam on 21st July

Shivering Hearts is a light-hearted role-playing game with an emotionally gripping story and illustrated through beautifully detailed, hand-drawn watercolour paintings. The world reacts to your choices. Achieve over 120 possible ending combinations.

Explore a unique fantasy setting with your childhood friend, Rin, and uncover what ills are plaguing the village of Shivering Hearts.

Become enraptured by a colourful cast of characters and experience beauty, heart-ache, romance, death, hope, nihilism, betrayal, regret, loss, and maybe even help someone on the verge of complete mental collapse.

Shivering Hearts takes heavy influence from the early classical era of Computer RPGs, specifically Baldur’s Gate 2, Fallout 1 and Planescape; Torment. The gameplay takes the depth of dialogue choices those games are renowned for, and expands on the scope, depth of conversation with characters, and ample reactivity from the plot. Undertale, LISA: the Painful RPG, and Oneshot were also huge influences.

Shivering Hearts – Steam Announcement Trailer


  • Beautifully detailed, hand-drawn watercolour landscapes and characters.
  • An emotionally gripping story that reacts to your choices.
  • Meet a cast of 17 characters, each with their own personalities, goals and dreams.
  • The game is a complex web of intricate dialogue choices and cascading consequences. Almost every choice has unique dialogue and outcomes.
  • O̷v̴e̴r̵ ̸1̸2̶0̷ ̵p̸o̸s̵s̵i̴b̵l̸e̸ ̶e̶n̵d̸i̵n̵g̴ ̷c̴o̶m̴b̴i̵n̵a̷t̶i̴o̴n̸s̴.̶

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