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Banners of Ruin Is Coming to PC in Early Access on July 30th

Developer Montebearo and Goblinz Studio have announced that their hand-drawn deckbuilder Banners of Ruin is coming to Steam in early access on July 30th.

Banners of Ruin – Release Trailer

Players will build a deck and fight a series of turn-based combats with up to 6 party characters through the city of Dawn’s Point. Each character can unlock a set of unique cards and abilities that can then augment the player’s deck in powerful and exciting ways.

It’s a deadly game of thrones for the Blackfoots, now a shadow of their former self, as they rise to oppose House Ender and the ruin that follows its path. Some will die along the way – but there will always be others to carry the torch of the Blackfoots! Just dust yourself off and try again!

Banners of Ruin has been designed for high replayability; each run awards tokens to unlock new cards and passives for all future runs, roguelike style.


  • Build your deck by looting, buying and unlocking a myriad of cards.
  • Build a party of up to 6 throughout your run, choosing from 6 races with unique card pools and passives.
  • Fight an increasingly challenging array of enemies with exciting AI behaviours.
  • Navigate the streets in a dynamic card-driven campaign.
  • Make decisions: Reveal and engage in varying encounters, which can have positive and negative outcomes.
  • S̶t̸u̷n̴n̶i̷n̶g̸ ̵h̵a̵n̴d̵-̴d̶r̶a̵w̸n̴ ̷v̶i̵s̵u̴a̸l̵s̴.̴

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