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COSMOS Launch Press Release

COSMOS is a difficult platformer shooter where you fight through fast-paced vertical levels with the use of wall-running and precise gunplay.

COSMOS Launch Trailer | Steam July 22nd

About Cosmos

  • Fight through multiple worlds while shooting enemies and traversing unique verticals levels with the use of wall running. – Conquer multiple worlds with unique enemies and levels to ascend.
  • Aim and Shoot precisely with 360 degrees of control using your Mouse or Joystick.
  • Tight-controls and fluid responsive movement with Wallrunning and Double Jumps.
  • Handcrafted short levels, idle for speedrunning yet difficult giving an incremental challenge throughout the game.
  • Play with Friends in Coop and Versus Game Modes with Local Multiplayer and Steam Remote Play.
  • C̴h̵a̷l̸l̶e̵n̸g̵e̶ ̷y̵o̴u̴r̶ ̵s̵k̴i̶l̸l̸s̷ ̶w̴i̶t̵h̶ ̴S̴t̴e̸a̸m̴ ̴L̴e̶a̷d̵e̶r̶b̴o̷a̶r̶d̵s̷.̷

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