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Fight for the Environment! Image Power Announces Eco Warrior Simulator

Earth cannot save itself! In this new title from Image Power, you will take on a role of an activist who tries to draw everyone’s attention to the problem of the erosion of our planet. Convince others, turn words into action and fight for the environment before it is too late!

Eco Warrior Simulator – announcement trailer

Image Power opens an entirely new chapter in their history – their upcoming game, Eco Warrior Simulator, is an answer to the ongoing pollution of the Earth due to harmful activities of corporations. Even though, just like other games from the company, it is aimed at entertaining the audience, the pro-ecological message is equally important.

“We want to voice our opinion in the ongoing global discussion about the threats to our planet”, says Marcin Zaleński, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Image Power. “We hope that the combination of social awareness and interesting gameplay will show a different perspective on ecology and the people that are involved in it”.


Do not just stand around – your planet needs you! Big corporations have been exploiting this environment long enough and it is time to end this!

In Eco Warrior Simulator, a brand new title from Image Power, which has just been announced for PC, you will be tasked with an extremely responsible mission: you have to stand up to multinational corporations destroying the environment and prove to the society how much harm to the Earth is being caused by factories.

Carefully prepare your protests to make sure everyone can hear your voice. Plan ahead all of your activities, so that no one can surprise you or prevent your actions. Collect enough information about the company you are going against and make sure you have enough evidence to prove their destructive influence. Encourage other activists to support your cause. Sometimes you will need special equipment to break into a factory and obtain evidence or to sabotage your enemy. Do not get caught, otherwise your protests can be legally stopped and you – arrested.

Stay eco-positive

In Eco Warrior Simulator players will face many challenges related to the fight for a cleaner environment. Did you manage to collect enough evidence to expose the company’s toxic actions? Now think carefully how you want to share the information with the world. Plan on where you are going to hang banners revealing the terrifying truth. Make sure that the corporation will not track you down and stop your announcement. Otherwise, get ready to sabotage – this way you will draw their attention away from your preparations and get plenty of valuable time for additional actions.

Ask other activists for help. Your evidence will surely convince them to join the cause. You need to gauge the amount of attention your activity will gather. It is important to get noticed by as many people as possible, however too much publicity can bring you legal problems, even though your intentions are good. If you cross the line, the law enforcement officers might arrest you and you will be helpless from behind the the bars. Do not get caught, fight until the very end and be the one who contributes to improving the living conditions on our planet!

Key features of the game:

  • Various types of protests to organize.
  • Singleplayer campaign.
  • Mission sites on every continent.
  • Infiltration mechanics, which allow you to sneak into non-green facilities.
  • Sabotage (when necessary) – slow down corporations and gain time to gather larger support.
  • Notoriety mechanic, leading to an eventual arrest of overzealous campaigners.
  • Mission planning, scouting and equipment management.
  • Public support system.
  • U̶n̴l̴i̶m̵i̶t̵e̸d̷ ̴f̵u̴n̵.̶

The release date of Eco Warrior Simulator will be announced soon.

The game is being published by Image Power and PlayWay.

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