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Jets’n’Guns 2 Release for Windows

Rake in Grass is proud to announce the release of Jets’n’Guns 2 on Steam on July 24th, 2020 – a side-scrolling space shooter with insane levels of action and destruction. You’ll find legions of enemies, so it’s lucky that you’ll have tons of weapons and the ability to upgrade ships.

The universe is once again facing a terrible threat. An unknown but powerful entity from another dimension has entered our reality and is attempting to wipe out all sentient life. The inhabited planets of the galaxy are too divided to take action. It’s up to you, the bravest and finest pilot in the galaxy, to face the enemy alone and prevail against overwhelming odds! Jump into an epic adventure to save the universe. Travel the galaxiy and unleash an arsenal of the deadliest weapons and devices ever installed in a spaceship!

Main features:

  • EPIC ADVENTURE – Go on an extraordinary quest through space and parallel dimensions to save the universe from its inevitable doom.
  • RELENTLESS ACTION – Enjoy unlimited action and destruction as you tear through space stations and whole cities on your way to victory.
  • MASSIVE ARSENAL – Nowhere else will you find an arsenal of this magnitude and variety. The game offers a constant flow of exciting new weapons as you progress through the campaign.
  • INNOVATIVE EQUIPMENT – The variety of items is unprecedented – many have bizarre effects that support nontraditional play styles.
  • MASSIVE REPLAYBILITY – An endlessly repeating loop of gameplay offers ever-increasing difficulty that will test the true limits of your abilities.
  • AND MASU IS BACK! – Machinae Supremacy returns to provide a brand new hard-rockin’, face-meltin’, nut-crackin’ soundtrack for the game!

J̵e̷t̵s̵’̸n̸’̷G̸u̶n̶s̵ ̶2̸ ̵w̸i̶l̴l̷ ̸b̴e̸ ̵r̵e̷l̵e̷a̸s̴e̸d̶ ̷o̸n̶ ̸S̴t̶e̶a̶m̵ ̸o̶n̶ ̵J̷u̸l̷y̸ ̶2̵4̵,̵ ̴2̵0̷2̴0̷.̸

Jets’n’Guns 2 official trailer

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