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Barony Comes to Epic Games Store While Kickstarting for the Switch

Turning Wheel LLC announces Barony’s imminent release on the Epic Games Store (EGS). The first-person RPG is coming to the digital retailer on July 30th, with two DLCs available for purchase. Seattle-based Turning Wheel is supporting Crossplay, which lets EGS and Steam users play together with the game’s online co-op features, a rarity in the genre of first-person fantasy RPGs.

The game will be available free for a week on Epic’s platform starting on July 30th, and Steam is reciprocating the deal with a free weekend, starting on the same day.

Simultaneously, Turning Wheel LLC is launching a Kickstarter to bring the game to the popular Nintendo Switch console, and with it, promises to bring a host of new features to all platforms.

“We want everyone to have a chance to play and enjoy Barony, and supporting new platforms is a part of that,” says Turning Wheel’s Josiah Colborn. “The best part is that players on all platforms will benefit from the work we do to make the Switch port better, so if you like Barony, the Switch port is a great thing for you.”

The Switch is Barony’s first foray into the console world, and with it, the Kickstarter promises to bring improvements that are especially important to consoles, including:

  • Split-screen for couch-co-op on a single system.
  • Overhauled UI that’s easy to navigate with a controller.
  • I̶m̸p̷r̸o̴v̷e̴d̴ ̴g̶a̷m̸e̵p̵a̴d̷ ̵s̴u̸p̵p̴o̷r̷t̶.̴

You can follow the Kickstarter page for the Barony Switch port here.

Barony for Switch Kickstarter Announcement Teaser

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