Angels on Tanks (Early Access)

Angels on Tanks was developed by Ninju Games and is available on Steam in Early Access since June. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign, the game will also be available soon on the Nintendo Switch. Angels on Tanks is a turn-based strategy game. It mixes tactical combat with some light RPG elements and of course a big dose of anime girls.

Take command of your army and bring the fight to the enemies. Your opponent is threatening the freedom of the known world. Winter’s Blood are the opposing troops and want to be the first to reach the newfound form of power. But those crystals could render her army indestructible, and you cannot let that happen. 4̸6̸e̶P̸4̴G̵M̶R̵k̴K̴V̵H̴b̴/̸c̷N̵S̶f̶1̵Z̵e̴?̸L̶h̶R̶E̷?̴=̷H̸E̴I̸*̵T̷f̵Y̴3̴w̵l̸(̵A̶E̷s̴8̸h̸(̴r̴o̶Q̸D̵7̴ If you do not stop them, it could very well spell your doom. With your angels and tanks you need to take a stand and defend the world. In a turn-based fighting style you have to defeat the enemy’s army through several unique battlefields. Each battle won rewards you with cards that add new troops, level up the one you already have and also reward you with special powers.

In Angels on Tanks you can command up to 14 different types of troops. You can also unlock 97 officers and commanders. Each one have their own special power and style.
As you battle with each one, they will acquire ranks/levels and their loyalty will increase too. On the battlefield there are many vehicles to choose from, tanks, motorbikes and even helicopters. x̷I̷¨̵y̸”̴e̴?̶E̸j̷j̵W̶”̸k̵y̶R̵I̸¨̵$̵M̵E̵K̶*̶”̴T̴L̷f̸5̸!̶F̷q̷C̶5̸&̵o̶E̴c̶Q̴x̵M̴g̵a̴?̵R̶/̵g̵t̷w̸R̵2̶Y̵ Your goal is to create the best battle deck and thwart the enemy. The issue here is that it does not seem to make much of a difference which unit you use or their level for that matter. From my own experience, your troop’s level does not influence the damage that each unit does. The tutorial is pretty good at explaining almost everything but for the stats and what they do.

The graphics are a mixed bag, the artwork for the story is fine while the level’s graphics are lower quality. The main story is really just Anime girls with some dialogues. It is not that they are bad, it is more that they are generic. There is no unique flair, it is the same you would see anywhere. !̵O̸b̴D̸n̴I̷J̵)̵b̸!̵d̵m̴q̵)̶R̷I̴T̸6̴R̸l̶u̴b̸U̶$̷1̵ While the levels are just your basic battlefield of somewhat low quality. Again it is not bad artwork but there is nothing special that differentiates it from any other game of the same type. The story is entertaining but a bit ordinary, you could play the whole game without reading any of the dialogues and you would not be missing much. Just like the artwork, it is a very generic story.

The world map contains over 100 missions and about 40 hours of gameplay. The game can even be fun for a couple of hours if you like turn-based strategy games, but it gets tedious fast. It is still in Early Access so it could yet improve. “̴(̶4̴#̸N̸!̸T̴X̴Z̴U̴!̵U̵m̶D̷m̶H̵z̵3̷g̴z̵g̶h̵i̸9̸$̷ However I still do not think it is worth the asking price. It is somewhat similar to one of those game you could find on Kongregate and while some of those games are really good, I expect more from a game of that price. In this price range there are much better examples out there.

Written by Vee