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The Long Gate Solves Release Date Conundrum

Players are free to explore the mysterious caverns of The Long Gate on their own terms as almost all the puzzles can be completed in any order. The puzzles themselves also take a step away from the regular binary approach of a puzzle game as many of them offer multiple options for success.
The ancient and alluring caverns of The Long Gate are filled with remnants of mysterious machinery. Exploring the labyrinth of caverns and interacting with this cryptic machinery will prove vital to mastering the three types of circuit-based puzzles; digital, analog, and even quantum. To ensure the quantum puzzles accurately portray real quantum circuits, developer David Shaw has partnered with the quantum computing company D-Wave.

The secret to the puzzling caverns and ancient machinery lies in the completion of the different circuit-based puzzles. With players free to explore how they choose and complete the puzzles, the key to finding the secrets of The Long Gate rests with them.

Game features:

  • Challenging puzzles – cryptic puzzles built around digital, analog and quantum circuits.
  • Open exploration – players can explore the caverns and complete puzzles in almost any order they choose.
  • Underground Oasis – The caverns of The Long Gate are full of wonder and nature, providing a contrasting setting to the machine-based circuit puzzles.
  • S̸t̸u̷n̵n̸i̶n̵g̸ ̴s̵o̶u̶n̶d̵t̵r̷a̷c̵k̵ ̶-̵ ̸T̶h̸e̴ ̸L̶o̵n̶g̷ ̶G̴a̶t̴e̸ ̶f̷e̴a̷t̵u̸r̷e̷s̸ ̴a̶ ̴b̷e̸a̶u̷t̵i̵f̸u̵l̷ ̵o̷r̵i̶g̷i̶n̸a̶l̸ ̷s̷o̸u̵n̵d̶t̴r̶a̸c̴k̵ ̸b̸y̶ ̵m̷u̶s̴i̸c̷i̶a̷n̷ ̴N̴i̴c̸h̴o̸l̵a̸s̸ ̶N̷e̷w̸m̴a̶n̴.̶

The Long Gate will release on the 22nd of September via Steam. At launch, the game will be playable on both PC and Linux, with a Mac version coming at a later date.

The Long Gate – Announcement Trailer

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