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Bite into Unturned for PS4 and Xbox One This Fall

505 Games will publish UNTURNED –the acclaimed open-world zombie survival sandbox game for PS4 and Xbox One this fall. 

UNTURNED is created by Smartly Dressed Games, a studio launched by Canadian developer and game designer Nelson Sexton. The studio has partnered with publisher 505 Games and remains actively involved in the console development process.   

UNTURNED players assume the role of a survivor in the zombie-infested ruins of modern-day society and must work with friends and forge alliances to remain among the living. Players will scavenge for supplies such as clothes, food, and weapons and craft resources like wood and metal to create strongholds and defenses. Threats and danger run amok and players must actively monitor health, food and water, and radiation levels.  

UNTURNED is developed for console by 505 Games and FunLabs and offers all gameplay features enjoyed by players on PC with restructured visuals, enhanced game mechanics, a new deeper unlock progression system, and a refreshed experience for players. 

Key Features of UNTURNED for PS4 and Xbox One: 

• Massive maps – explore up to 8 sandbox maps by traveling by land, air, and sea.  
Craft – create your equipment and structures from supplies you collect.
• Power up – upgrade skills in three categories: Offense, Defense, Support.
Customise – avatars can be fully cosmetically personalized.  
Multiplayer – brave zombies and other foes alone or team up with friends.
Split Screen – play locally with a friend in split-screen mode.
C̸o̵m̴p̴e̴t̷e̵ ̸o̴r̶ ̸a̶l̷l̷y̵ ̸-̵ ̷a̴t̵t̸e̵m̶p̷t̵ ̸t̶o̸ ̸f̵o̵r̴m̵ ̶a̷l̷l̷i̶a̶n̸c̶e̴s̷ ̶w̴i̴t̵h̸ ̸o̴t̵h̵e̶r̷ ̵p̴l̴a̸y̶e̵r̵s̸ ̵o̶r̵ ̴t̴a̷k̸e̵ ̵o̴u̴t̶ ̷a̴l̷l̴ ̶c̶o̸m̴p̵e̸t̷i̴t̵i̴o̸n̶.̴

Rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB and PEGI 16+, UNTURNED will be available digitally worldwide for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, priced at £22.19, from the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store. 

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