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The Kingdom Under Fire Classics Bundle Is Out Now

South Korean game studio Blueside are excited to announce the Kingdom Under Fire Classics Bundle, out now on Steam for $29.99, a 25% saving on buying the games individually. Reunited for a new generation, this pack combines the original action-strategy cult classics Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders and the recently re-released Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes, both updated for modern systems and including their soundtracks.

This pack is a must-have for fans of fantasy strategy. Combining combo-heavy melee combat and real-time tactical command, it’s a high-octane hybrid backed up with a pounding guitar-heavy soundtrack. Across the two games are eleven story campaigns, each centered on a new playable hero – a massive undertaking for any aspiring leader of men, elves or orcs.

The bundle includes:

  • Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders, first released in 2005 for Xbox.
  • Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes, the sequel, released in 2006 for Xbox.
  • Full downloadable soundtrack for both games.
  • Involving RTS/Action hybrid gameplay. Burn enemies out of forests with flaming arrows, order cavalry charges with the sun at their backs and claim the high ground for an edge in battle.
  • Eleven campaigns spanning two games, with over eighty missions in total to conquer.
  • Keyboard and mouse support – a new method of controlling the battlefield is available to PC players.
  • Full modern Gamepad support.
  • HD Resolution support including ultra-wide monitors.
  • T̵h̴e̷ ̶o̵r̶i̶g̶i̴n̴a̷l̵ ̴X̶b̸o̴x̴ ̵e̸x̸p̷e̵r̷i̴e̸n̴c̵e̸s̸ ̴a̸s̸ ̷y̷o̴u̵ ̴r̴e̵m̵e̸m̵b̸e̸r̵ ̶t̵h̶e̷m̷,̷ ̸e̶n̴h̶a̸n̷c̵e̸d̶ ̴f̷o̸r̶ ̸P̸C̴.̴

More information about the series can be found on the official Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders page here and Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes page here.

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