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//HEX, Bank Hacking Simulator, Out Today on Steam

Independent developer Solis Studios release their ultimate bank hacking simulator //HEX in Early Access on today.

//HEX is a team-based game that requires rapid and concise communication between a hacker and a control to bypass internet security measures, and successfully hack into the most secure banks in the world.

//HEX includes 8 types of hacking puzzles and one type of tracer puzzle with a total of 3 currencies to transfer. As the development of the game advances, 14 different hacking puzzles, 4 different tracer puzzles and 4 different currencies will be added.


  • Use your communication skills to bypass internet security measures.
  • Hack into the most secure banks.
  • Choose to take on the role as Hacker or Control.
  • 14 different hacking puzzles.
  • 4 different tracer puzzles.
  • 4̴ ̵d̶i̵f̵f̶e̷r̶e̶n̶t̶ ̷c̷u̷r̷r̷e̷n̴c̸i̴e̴s̴ ̴(̴d̷o̸l̸l̸a̷r̴,̷ ̵e̵u̶r̵o̸,̸ ̴p̷o̸u̷n̴d̸ ̷a̵n̴d̴ ̴c̷r̵y̸p̷t̶o̴)̶.̵

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