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Naught Now Available on Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Store and Steam

WildSphere is launching Naught today for the PlayStation®4, Nintendo Switch™ and Steam platforms at a price of €19.99/USD19.99. On PS4 and Switch, Naught is available in the Americas and Europe regions. For Steam it is available worldwide and users can enjoy a 10% discount during the first week in celebration of its launch. In addition, PlayStation®4 users will be able to download exclusive avatars (these avatars will be available next week).

Returning to their origins, WildSphere brings us a platform game where the main mechanic is to rotate the world to guide our protagonist, Naught. Gravity becomes a totally manageable tool for the players and will help them overcome hundreds of obstacles and enemies that the game proposes during 40 levels.

Along the levels, the player will also be able to discover the story behind our lost hero. He and his companion, the Spirit of the Tree, will embark on an adventure to overcome a sad past and fight the shadows; which will be revealed to the player as the game is completed.

Naught also features a Time Trial for those who have completed all the levels. This is a race against time to get through 40 levels again in a limited period of time, a perfect mode for speedrunners.

Inspired by the acclaimed title published in 2011 for Android and iOS, when the studio was named Blue Shadow Games, this new game of Naught entails a redesign with visual enhancements, renewed gameplay and new levels, all without losing the essence that earned it more than 4 million downloads worldwide. In the words of the project’s director, Miguel Díaz: “We were working on Naught for a long time and it’s one of our most beloved projects. I feel very proud of working again on this saga, on a new game and to be able to continue working on it after this release”.

I̷n̷ ̴t̶h̴e̴ ̶I̵b̴e̴r̷i̸a̵ ̷r̷e̴g̵i̷o̴n̸ ̶(̶S̵p̴a̸i̸n̴ ̵a̴n̴d̸ ̸P̴o̸r̴t̴u̵g̴a̴l̷)̸,̵ ̷t̵h̶i̴s̴ ̸t̶i̴t̴l̷e̶ ̷i̴s̷ ̶s̵u̷p̷p̸o̷r̵t̶e̷d̷ ̴b̸y̸ ̷t̶h̶e̶ ̶p̴r̶o̴g̵r̷a̶m̷ ̸o̴f̷ ̸s̶u̶p̴p̶o̷r̴t̷ ̸t̶o̶ ̴t̵h̸e̴ ̸n̶a̴t̴i̸o̶n̷a̴l̶ ̴v̷i̵d̸e̶o̸g̸a̷m̶e̴ ̵i̵n̵d̴u̷s̸t̵r̶y̴ ̷P̶l̷a̵y̵S̴t̶a̸t̸i̶o̴n̵®̵T̴a̶l̴e̷n̴t̵s̶ ̶A̴l̶i̴a̶n̵z̵a̷s̶.̷

Naught | Official Launch Trailer

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