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Orange Cast – a Big Step for Team Rez

We added the Demo to If you’re interested just click HERE.

We’re Team Rez, a game development studio from Kaluga, Russia.
Orange Cast is our big push, our debut and we are glad that it is looking so great. For us, it is the first time with a game like this – a game so big in scale and ambition.

Team Rez has only a handful of team members who are currently working or used to work on Orange Cast. For us, it’s been mostly a job we could do only in our own free time. The team was very different during each period of development, it’s size was different, it’s goals were  different, but we have always been united by our passion for creating something very special, almost impossible for us, from a first look.

Soo…..Orange Cast is a Sci-Fi Action game with elements of RPG. Developed on Unreal Engine 4, the game itself have lots of cut scenes, intense combat, powerful storyline and some other things you’d can expect from a proper sci-fi game.
The release is scheduled for this autumn. We start with Steam and then, perhaps, will continue with consoles.

The things that make us proud in Orange Cast is some unusual narrative and visual solutions. We laid strong foundation for our deep and diverse lore in this game. And of course, we’ve made and fix tons of mistakes during our very long development period. Orange Cast taught us how to make and Re-make games, how to improve our skills, and we used all that experience to make our project even better.

Now, about the story and the setting. 
In short, our story about Cold War Space. Imagine the world where all the greatest nations colonized Mars and built space fleets. You are humanity’s elite space trooper and you take on a heroic, action-packed adventure throughout the anomaly-based space system. Explore planets, protect colonies, and be the first who challenge unknown threats for the entire humankind!

The year is 2046.
The Sion colony is under the attack of an unknown coalition of forces. Chaos erupts, civilians dying, defenses, and communications are gone. Amidst all this horror, your playable character awakens. He is Uber-Unit. You and your character will be conducting an investigation to turn to light the mysteries of his awakening and even his very existence. The character is wearing a very special suit with a set of unique abilities, making him a very deadly force.

The player is always busy doing something. Action-packed shooting, dialogs, story choices, secondary quests, exploring the lore – all of it is connected and working as one to deliver a unique gameplay experience. This is the same feeling that people got from Mass Effect games.
Orange Cast had been redefined in summer 2017. It took two more years to finish most of the work.

W̶e̷ ̴h̵a̷v̶e̸ ̷p̷l̸a̸n̶s̸ ̵f̵o̸r̸ ̶a̵ ̷s̶e̶q̸u̷e̷l̴ ̶a̷n̴d̵ ̵h̴a̴v̶e̷ ̷a̸ ̶v̴i̷s̷i̷o̶n̴ ̸o̷f̵ ̷o̷u̶r̴ ̷n̵e̴x̷t̴ ̸t̶i̴t̴l̸e̸,̶ ̷b̸u̸t̷ ̴r̸i̷g̸h̵t̵ ̴n̸o̵w̶ ̵w̵e̶ ̴a̴r̶e̴ ̴f̴o̴c̷u̸s̶e̸d̸ ̵o̸n̵ ̷f̴e̸e̶d̸b̸a̸c̷k̴ ̶w̷e̵ ̶r̷e̷c̵e̷i̵v̴e̶ ̴f̴r̷o̵m̸ ̷p̸l̷a̶y̴e̷r̶s̶.̶

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