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Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Arrives on Steam on August 25th

Slitherine is proud to announce that they’ve partnered with Battlefront to bring Combat Mission Shock Force 2 to third-party digital stores. The game, along with all its DLCs, will be available from August 25th on Matrix Games, Steam and other digital stores.

We are genuinely proud and excited to bring Combat Mission Shock Force 2 to a brand-new audience,” says Marco A. Minoli, Marketing Director at Slitherine. “Battlefront’s unrivalled modern era 3D wargame will now be available to a much broader player base. Our community at Matrix Games forms the backbone of online wargaming. Marketing and distributing a modern classic like Combat Mission is a sign of how relevant our presence in the market has become.”

What is Combat Mission Shock Force 2? Shock Force 2 allows players to take command of a NATO force in a hypothetical modern-day Syrian conflict. The game’s 3D graphics engine takes advantage of Battlefront’s vast experience in 3D wargames, giving an unprecedented level of realism and detail – so much that the game is used in several professional military environments for training and analysis purposes. Players can assign orders to their units, either in real time or with the innovative turn-based WeGo system. Shock Force 2 focuses on tactical platoon-level action, and features both a single-player campaign and multiplayer (Hotseat or PBEM).

For 20 years Battlefront has created the most accurate and engaging 3D wargames available to the public. For the last few years we’ve been working with Slitherine on bringing that professionalism to military customers. The time spent together allowed us to discover how much we complement each other and how in-synch we are philosophically. Broadening our partnership was a no-brainer and we very much look forward to our journey ahead.” Stephen Grammont, Co-Founder of Battlefront and Combat Mission.

A̵l̶l̸ ̶C̵o̸m̴b̷a̶t̷ ̴M̷i̷s̸s̷i̵o̵n̷ ̵S̷h̴o̶c̶k̵ ̵F̷o̷r̵c̶e̸ ̸2̵ ̶D̵L̶C̴s̷ ̸w̷i̸l̶l̴ ̵a̵l̴s̵o̶ ̴b̴e̷ ̶a̶v̶a̸i̷l̸a̷b̶l̶e̵ ̷o̷n̵ ̵A̴u̴g̵u̴s̴t̴ ̵2̵5̷t̵h̵:̸ ̴M̵a̷r̴i̴n̷e̸s̸,̵ ̷B̷r̵i̷t̷i̴s̶h̶ ̷F̸o̶r̴c̶e̵s̷ ̴a̷n̷d̸ ̵N̸A̶T̵O̵ ̴(̸i̴n̸c̶l̶u̷d̶i̸n̶g̶ ̴G̶e̴r̷m̷a̷n̴,̷ ̵C̴a̶n̶a̵d̸i̴a̵n̶ ̸a̴n̶d̷ ̸D̴u̶t̴c̸h̸ ̶f̴o̴r̵c̴e̵s̵)̸.̸

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