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Space Tentacles Exist, Says Impostor Factory (To the Moon 3) Official Trailer

After months of wishy washy back & forth, the actual real non-jest official trailer for Impostor Factory, the new entry of To the Moon’s series, has dropped — Proving once and for all that space tentacles, in fact, do exist. Perhaps in real life, but certainly in the To the Moon series’ universe.

Impostor Factory (To the Moon 3) – Official Trailer

This came after a blow in which earlier attempts to announce the said tentacles were largely dismissed due to unfortunate timing, resulting in even the creator’s integrity called into question:
The criticisms were in part fair, however, as developers at Freebird Games had been spending an extraordinary amount of time choreographing dance moves for a trailer that had nothing to do with the game when, in fact, could’ve been working on the actual game itself.

To the Moon 3 – Trailer

However, with the launch of the official Impostor Factory trailer, Kan and the Freebird team would like to cement that, yes, tentacles do indeed exist in space within the universe shared by To the Moon, Finding Paradise, and soon, Impostor Factory.

To witness said tentacles one day, Impostor Factory could be wishlisted on Steam now – and possibly GOG & Humble Store in the coming future.
·   Impostor Factory aims to be released around end of 2020(?) for PC, Mac, and Linux.*
·   It will be available on Steam, GOG, & Humble Store, and possibly other venues too.
·   It is the next full-episode of the To the Moon (Sigmund Corp.) series.
·   Although connected, the game can be played independently without having played any other games, just like To the Moon and Finding Paradise.
·   I̸t̶ ̴w̷i̸l̶l̶ ̵l̵i̷k̵e̶l̵y̴ ̸m̶a̸r̷k̷ ̸t̸h̸e̷ ̸e̷n̷d̷ ̴o̸f̴ ̸a̶n̸ ̴e̵r̷a̵ ̸f̶o̶r̸ ̷F̸r̶e̷e̴b̴i̵r̷d̴ ̵G̸a̷m̷e̵s̴ ̴a̵n̸d̸ ̶t̸h̴e̷ ̸T̸o̶ ̶t̶h̷e̴ ̷M̵o̴o̸n̷ ̶s̷e̷r̵i̶e̸s̷

* Multiple raccoons literally broke into our office last night and pooped everywhere. We’ll still try, but there is a lot of poop.

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