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Zombo Buster Advance is Coming to Steam

FIREBEAST is pleased to announce the release of Zombo Buster Advance , a tower-defense game about shooting zombies that takes place inside buildings with interchangeable elevators. Deploy, swap and shoot like a boss!

Key Features
– Lead a team of 12+ anti zombie shooters into the operation.
– Craft and equip power up badges to your units, create your own super soldiers.
– Fight against 30+ kinds of zombies and engage in epic boss battles.
– Make good use of various supportive gadgets in the war zone, from dynamites to the Kill-with-snap gauntlets!
– Use your tactics to counter the in-game flow changer such as the escalator, travelators, passages and many others.
– Forge ahead a total of 50 fun and challenging stages worth of hours playing.
– Examine your units, enemies, gadgets and others with the in-game game journal.
– Complete a series of missions and claim the rewards.
– A̴s̷ ̴a̸l̷w̸a̵y̸s̶,̸ ̴a̴ ̶b̷u̶n̴c̶h̵ ̴o̵f̸ ̷u̶p̴g̷r̴a̵d̸e̶s̵!̴

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