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Reclaim the Light in Nevaeh: New Trailer and Action Gameplay Revealed

The game publisher CFK revealed today (August 7) the gameplay trailer of Nevaeh, an action adventure game to be released on Nintendo Switch and Steam, along with new information about the actual gameplay using the power of light.
CFK’s new title Nevaeh features a girl’s action-packed adventure to bring back the light to the town engulfed in darkness.

● See what’s inside the dark Tower
A girl heads to the Tower, the source of light, to fix the broken street lamps in the town. What she found in the Tower was a butterfly emitting light from its body. Thinking the butterfly could help with the task, she decides to take it with her. However, as light was lost, the town was quickly covered in darkness… Once again, the girl heads to the Tower to bring back the light for the townspeople.

After the butterfly disappeared, the bright Tower turned into a gloomy and dangerous place full of traps and monsters. In the labyrinth so hostile that it hurts one just by staying in the shadows, the girl must find her way to the top of the Tower.

● The helpful butterfly
Hopefully, the butterfly will help the girl with its mystic light. Its light can be used to uncover the monsters hidden in shadows, and provide power to the machines.

The girl uses the butterfly’s light to create a path to places she can’t get to, or solve puzzles by moving the shadow. Being a truly reliable partner, it will always stay with her in the dark and dangerous Tower.
● Where there is light, there is darkness
The world of Nevaeh is specially made with a delicate and monochrome graphics, turning the game into a fairy tale featuring Gothic art and immersive soundtracks.

The new trailer revealed today introduces the actual gameplay and various action-packed scenes, including how to use the butterfly’s light on hidden enemies, traps, puzzles, and bosses.
N̶e̵v̸a̷e̵h̸ ̸i̴s̴ ̵s̸c̴h̶e̷d̶u̴l̴e̶d̸ ̷t̵o̴ ̵b̶e̴ ̵r̵e̴l̴e̷a̵s̴e̷d̷ ̷s̷o̸m̷e̸ ̷t̵i̶m̷e̴ ̷t̴h̷i̶s̵ ̷y̴e̴a̴r̶,̸ ̴o̷n̶ ̸N̴i̴n̸t̵e̷n̸d̷o̴ ̶S̶w̴i̷t̵c̶h̸ ̸a̸n̵d̸ ̸S̷t̴e̴a̶m̶.̴

Nintendo Switch / Steam 「Nevaeh」- “Fight the Dark” Gameplay Trailer

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