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Mealmates is a Fever Dream Frenzy You Share With Your Friends

Mealmates, the chaotic party game that challenges you and your friends to produce the most delicious living edible being, is heading to Steam and, for PC and Mac.

Get your friends together or play by yourself. It’s a minigame mayhem! Dress up your Mealmate in the latest fashions, cook gastronomical delights, explore the mysterious town and more in the greatest multimedia experience of the year. Casual gamers will enjoy playing a few rounds with friends, while the hardest, most elite of all gamers must prove their worth by discovering all there is to discover in the game, and achieving 100% completion. Only then, can they bathe in eternal glory.

  • Play 46 scrumptious minigames with friends or by yourself.
  • Feed your very own Mealmate delectable morsels of all varieties to influence its flavour, texture, & health.
  • Unlock tasty new garb and mouth-watering recipes.
  • Cook gastronomical delights with the help of the local Kitchen Wytch.
  • Kick discarded cans around the neighbourhood instead of picking them up.
  • Earn trophies as a juicy reward for simply playing the game.
  • J̷a̴m̷ ̶t̷o̷ ̶a̸b̷s̵o̶l̶u̵t̷e̷l̶y̴ ̶d̷e̴l̷i̷c̴i̶o̵u̸s̷ ̷p̴a̴r̴t̴y̷ ̶A̴N̵T̵H̸E̷M̷S̴ ̴b̷y̶ ̸m̵a̶g̸i̴c̶d̸w̸e̵e̷d̷o̵o̴.̵

Mealmates is available on Steam &, for $15 USD ($21 AUD), from August 10, 2020, 7am PDT. In addition to the game, there is an accompanying Original Soundtrack and Comic Book (which also features in-game).


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