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Ruinarch Early Access Launches August 25

Developer Maccima Games and publisher Squeaky Wheel Studio announce evil overlord simulator Ruinarch will launch August 25th on Steam in Early Access!

Ruinarch is an evil overlord simulator with a focus on story generation. Take control of the narrative by creating obstacles and causing conflicts as you invade procedurally-generated fantasy worlds! A simulation sandbox game inspired by story generator games like Rimworld and Dwarf Fortress, weaving tales of both anguish and humor is central to the gameplay.

Ruinarch gives you all the infernal tools you’ll need to toy with people’s lives and relationships. There are many ways to be evil: choose from three overlord Archetypes – each one provides you with a different playstyle. Do you want to focus on sheer destruction or are you into a more subtle puppetmaster approach? You can further customize from there by adding optional abilities to suit your own preferences.

Key Features

  • Run wild with destructive spells.
  • Afflict villagers with flaws.
  • Breed and spawn monsters.
  • Spread malicious info.
  • Activate artifacts.
  • Summon lesser demons.
  • Brainwash folks into becoming cultists.
  • Torture people.
  • Start a zombie apocalypse.
  • S̴t̴a̴r̷t̶ ̴a̶n̸ ̶e̵p̷i̶d̴e̵m̵i̶c̸.̵ ̷(̸P̵r̴o̸b̴a̷b̷l̶y̶ ̴t̵o̶o̷ ̷s̵o̸o̴n̸;̵ ̶b̵u̶t̷,̵ ̷y̴e̴s̴ ̵y̵o̵u̸ ̶c̷a̷n̷.̴)̶

Ruinarch will debut at a $19.99 price point on PC and Mac platforms, with a full release currently planned for 2021.

Ruinarch Official Trailer

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