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Cosmic Horror Digital Board Game October Night Games Gets Reveal Trailer

Berlin based indie developer Octobear Knight Games today released a reveal trailer for October Night Games, a digital board game steeped in cults, madness and magic.

October Night Games – Kickstarter Trailer

The game will be coming to Steam soon and today launched a Kickstarter to help push the game over the finish line.

In October Night Games, you play as cultists of two varieties: Either trying to save the world, or serve it up to the Great Old Ones. Brew potions, scour the town for infernal ingredients and conduct magic rituals to summon inscrutable entities. Meanwhile, you’ll need to keep suspicious town folks and creeping monsters at bay.

Be everything from a witch to a mad monk, get your own dark familiar (and perhaps a minion or two), and when the Halloween full moon comes in 30 days, ensure your side is victorious in the eternal cosmic battle.

A game of many parts, October Night Games combines a procedurally generated narrative with strategy, social deduction, combat and occult puzzles. You can play solo with AI, or online with up to five friends. 


  • Unique narrative arcs: Enjoy a spooky procedurally generated narrative that generates random events, inspired by the likes of H.P Lovecraft, Bram Stoker and real-life magic.
  • Dastardly characters: Pick your own character, ranging from a mad monk, to vampires, witches and more. Each packs unique abilities such as astral projection and the ability to drain life.
  • An Eldritch pet: Select your familiar, such as a loyal dog, a gossiping bat or a grass snake with the gift of alchemy.
  • Social deduction: Work out who is friend or foe. Each side will have its one wand Holder, Book Master and Lamp Bearer.
  • Cursed combat: Fight off ghouls and angry townsfolk using a unique dice combat system, and perhaps even capture a minion or potential sacrifice.
  • Stay alive: Keep your health, sanity and reputation intact – or there will be terrible consequences.
  • Solo and multiplayer: Mix of competitive and cooperative play, hex your enemies and aid those you believe to be on your side.
  • Atmospheric: Enjoy vintage hand-tinted silent movie aesthetics and an old school horror style soundtrack. 
  • M̸u̴l̵t̷i̴p̵l̴e̴ ̷r̶e̷p̸l̸a̸y̷s̸:̵ ̷t̷h̵e̴ ̵c̶o̴m̶b̶i̸n̸a̵t̴i̵o̶n̸ ̷o̶f̶ ̵c̵h̶a̵r̶a̸c̵t̴e̵r̵s̸,̴ ̶f̸a̶m̸i̶l̴i̴a̸r̶s̴ ̸a̸n̸d̴ ̴a̶l̵l̸e̷g̵i̴a̴n̷c̸e̸s̵ ̶i̴s̵ ̴r̴a̸n̷d̸o̴m̵l̸y̷ ̸g̸e̸n̴e̶r̶a̵t̷e̸d̸ ̵w̷i̷t̸h̷ ̵e̷a̷c̶h̴ ̶g̸a̷m̸e̴,̴ ̶a̶l̴o̸n̵g̴ ̶w̸i̸t̵h̸ ̶t̵h̵e̶ ̵p̴r̷o̴c̸e̷d̵u̵r̶a̶l̴l̷y̸ ̴g̴e̵n̸e̴r̵a̵t̸e̷d̸ ̸s̸t̶o̸r̴y̶.̸

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