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Fallen Knight – A Futuristic Knight’s Tale Announced for Consoles and PC

Together with developer FairPlay Studios, PQube is excited to announce Fallen Knight for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Steam! The side-scrolling action platformer, featuring intense sword fighting gameplay with challenging boss battles and a rich story will be available in Q1 2021.

Fallen Knight Announcement Trailer

Fallen Knightfeatures:

  •  Dynamic platforming with a fun multi-dash mechanic.
  •  Multiple game endings based on your gameplay style.
  •  Explore and take on challenging levels .
  • ̸A̷n̷ ̴u̸n̶f̶o̶r̶g̶i̴v̷i̸n̵g̵ ̸c̶h̶a̸l̸l̴e̴n̷g̵e̶,̵ ̸w̵i̶t̷h̸ ̵p̶u̸n̴i̸s̸h̴i̴n̴g̷ ̵b̶o̸s̶s̴ ̴b̷a̷t̸t̴l̵e̶s̵.̶

Fallen Knight is a futuristic knight’s tale that lets gamers play as a descendant of the great Lancelot in King Arthur’s tale. Players will take on the role of Lancelot the 49th in a futuristic setting, facing off against six unique enemy heroes with a dark past of their own. Lancelot must save his city from an evil organization, The Purge, that intends to reveal the ‘truth’ of what is hidden below the city. His journey will not only shine light onto the secrets hidden in the dark but also challenge what it truly means to be a knight.

Fallen Knight will release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Steam in Q1 2021!

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