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Verdant Village on Steam Offers a Great Retro-inspired Farming Life Simulation in a Foreign Land of Opportunity & Bliss

Indie game developer Exodus Software is proud to announce the release of Verdant Village for PC, Mac and Linux, a wonderful retro-inspired farming life simulation with RPG elements, in which you are washed ashore in an unknown land with nothing more than your name. Verdant Village is currently in Early Access development with an expected launch at the end of 2021 but is fully playable in its current state with compelling gameplay and plenty of content to explore.

Verdant Village Trailer

Verdant Village challenges you to explore the massive Empyrean Vale living your life in the rustic medieval town of Amberglen. Washed up on the shore you have lost all recollection of past events, but locals discover you on the beach and tend to your needs. The King has granted you permission to stay on a piece of rural land and provides you with a handful of tools to begin. With crops to tend, ore to mine, fish to catch, and secrets to discover, you will have plenty of things to do. Learn as you go and build the life of your dreams. Set goals, build a thriving farm, meet the townsfolk and establish new friendships and relationships. This is your opportunity to live a life in bliss as you learn to cook, complete quests for rewards and raise livestock, such as chickens, cows and sheep. How you play will have an impact not only on you, but on your surroundings as well.
Verdant Village has a great retro-inspired look and a wonderful audio track as you play; the Empyrean Vale is a large and vast place to explore and is full of surprises, secrets, treasures and artifacts. With great lore and mesmerizing cast of characters, the game offers more than 20 hours of gameplay. Future updates to the game will include hunting, alchemy, combat, more areas to explore, additional quests, the option to find a spouse, and even build a ship and set sail!
Verdant Village is casual fun – for everyone – seeking a great RPG gameplay experience with seemingly endless options, unexpected surprises, lasting friendships, adventures to complete and things to do.  

  • Fun, retro-inspired farming life simulation.
  • 20+ hours of gameplay.
  • Interesting cast of characters.
  • 100s of fish, 30+ crops and fruit trees.
  • Tasty food and creative cooking.
  • Archeological digs for relics.
  • Livestock such as chickens, cows and sheep.
  • H̵u̴n̵t̷i̶n̴g̶ ̶a̶n̶d̴ ̸a̷l̶c̶h̶e̵m̵y̵.̸

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