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Feel the Groove & Bust a Move in Boogie Bot Challenging You to a Survival Platform Game on Steam

Indie game developer From The End Games is banging their heads in excitement to announce August 31st as the official release date for Boogie Bot, their fast and furious platform game about boogieing to survive! Almost three years in the making, Boogie Bot marks the debut from a pair of experienced gamers and is about expressive movement, getting into the zone and discovering a fun and effective way through hazardous levels. 

Boogie Bot Release Trailer

Boogie Bot pits you against the regime of the NO-GOOD MUSIC HATERS, a group of alien invaders seeking to destroy all musical beings from the universe. This evil band of thugs will do anything in their power to turn you and your fellow species of boogie bots into a pile of bits! The NO-GOOD MUSIC HATERS sought to transform the boogie bots into MACHINES OF WAR, but after having failed to control their vile mutations, they have scrapped the project and initiated the self-destruct sequence of planet Boogula-5. You are the last hope for survival!
Boogie Bot is a fast and challenging platform game keeping you constantly on the move. Your battery is continuously draining, and it becomes a dash to keep going while collecting CDs to replenish your health. The wave jump allows you to convert battery power into upwards momentum, meaning you will need to manage this resource and balance it between health and utility. Using the boogie-meter for energy, which fills as you keep running, but drains if you stand still, you can use special abilities like slow-motion, air-dash and healing. When your boogie-meter reaches a 100% charge, you can BOOGIE DOWN going invincible for short bursts at a time. You can even shoot sound waves to damage enemies within your vicinity. By running, having quick reflexes and by playing smart, you have a slim chance of evacuating your fellow boogie bots before the entire planet erupts! 

  • Unique graphics.
  • 3 levels of difficulty.
  • Unlockable bonus version per level.
  • Pulse-pounding electronic soundtrack.
  • Cool abilities to master!
  • Fully customizable control scheme.
  • Challenging boss fights.
  • B̶u̷i̷l̷t̶ ̸f̸o̴r̵ ̴s̷p̵e̶e̵d̴ ̴r̵u̸n̸n̸i̸n̴g̸.̸

Boogie Bot is available from here:

The Early Access price is USD $7.99, while the full release of the game will cost USD $9.99. 

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