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Grab Your Pass and Get in Line for the Only Conference You Need to Attend This Summer – Lovingly Evil Launches Today

Green Man Gaming and Lizard Hazard Games, creators of indie hits Your Royal Gayness & Love Bug, are throwing open the doors on Lovingly Evil, their brand new visual novel set amongst the halls and panels of The Villain Conference – a one stop shop for those looking to improve their evil reputation, take in a panel on how to be a better villain or maybe even find a partner!

Walk the halls of the conference throughout the day and you could end up in a hilarious conversation with a flower loving Vampire, a Wicked Step-Mother or even Lucifer himself – if you can pry him away from flipping burgers on his Hellfire Grill.

Key Features

  • Multiple, light-hearted branching storylines driven by players choices and even the time of day.
  • Discover unique minigames for each love interest such as staffing the grill with Lucifer or flower arranging with Felix the Vampire.
  • Create your Villain and choose your own path through V-CON.
  • Court 5 potential Evil love interests.
  • Explore V-CON and take in lectures on effective villainy.
  • L̴e̴t̷ ̷l̴o̵o̷s̵e̷ ̵a̶n̷d̸ ̴p̶a̶r̶t̸y̸ ̷h̴a̸r̸d̴ ̴a̴t̵ ̴t̷h̷e̵ ̶n̸i̴g̵h̵t̵c̸l̸u̶b̸.̸

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