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Western Visual Novel Midnight Caravan Enters Early Access Next Week

Gamera Interactive is happy to announce that its new game, Midnight Caravan, will soon be available on Steam Early Access. Midnight Caravan launch date is scheduled for August 24th.

A richly illustrated choose-your-own adventure with a unique narrative arc propelling the player in an age renowned for its shadiness, where nothing is how it appears to be: no clear distinction between good and evil exist, nor between friends or foes!

Gamblers, prostitutes, murderers, thieves, though moral choices and crimes set the tone for this western visual novel set in a gothic 19th century in Italy. Set at the very beginning of the Risorgimento, the game tells the story of a caravan of outcasts led by the protagonist that will be involved in a dangerous travel across the country: from Rome to Venice, passing through Florence. A gripping story of vengeance, politic, intrigues, espionage and violence awaits you as the leader of the Midnight Caravan. Will you protect your people, or will you pursue your own fortune?


  • Different gameplay systems ensuring high engagement throughout each playthrough.
  • Light resource management combining inventory and relationship system to let players feel the weight of every decision taken.
  • More than 30 random events combining with the main narrative arc to let player experiencing something new each run.
  • 30+ unique character to meet.
  • RPG-like inventory & fame system.
  • A̷m̵a̴z̵i̴n̵g̴ ̷h̷a̸n̸d̵-̸p̵a̸i̶n̷t̶e̶d̶ ̷a̶r̴t̵ ̷s̴t̷y̵l̸e̵ ̶&̸ ̴i̵l̶l̴u̸s̵t̶r̷a̴t̵i̷o̵n̶s̶.̵

The Early Access version of the game contains the full playable game and the full release is planned for March 2021 the latest, with new contents and localization support following feedbacks of the community. Midnight Caravan will be available with a 15% discount on August 24th.

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