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Viking in Distress Needs Your Help to Reclaim 60 Wives of His in Retro-platformer Bor Now on Steam & iOS

Indie game developer Dracoders has downed their mead and finished their grub in celebration of the official release of BOR, a 16-bit retro-inspired side-scrolling platform game featuring Bor the Terrible on a quest to reclaim his 60 wives! His beloved spouses have gone astray, and he must chop some heads and stomp some butt on a dangerous journey to unknown lands on PC via STEAM™ and on iOS®, on which the game has been updated for the latest group of devices. 

Bor’s Adventures [iOs and Android platform game] – OFFICIAL TRAILER

BOR is inspired by the classic side-scrolling platform games you know and love. Bor must travel through dangerous lands and castles to reclaim his missing wives before their fury unleash and your otherwise peaceful home becomes a mayhem of chaos. Jump, fight, throw axes and use cool powerups to defeat the onslaught on monsters coming at you. The game offers 5 worlds to conquer and 48 levels (and 13 secret levels) to complete. It might sound easy, but this game is hard, ultra-hard, and only the bravest of warriors can face more than 22 kinds of monsters to destroy! Only by discovering 3 hidden shields in each level can you unlock the hidden areas, and you need quick reflexes and superb axe wielding skills to prevail.
BOR features crisp, colorful graphics and cool looking Vikings and fearless dragons. Designed from the ground up to be a real challenge, it is suitable to players of all ages and experience levels; easy to learn, hard to master! Collect coins, dodge enemies, jump and double jump to progress. Look for secret passages, hidden objects and transparent walls that all might lead to cool items or unexpected surprises. Coins in unusual places might be a clue to a secret …
B̵O̶R̴ ̷i̷s̷ ̶a̷ ̴t̵r̸i̸b̷u̵t̸e̶ ̸t̶o̷ ̸c̵l̴a̶s̸s̶i̶c̶ ̸s̸i̵d̶e̴-̶s̷c̷r̶o̵l̸l̴i̶n̸g̶ ̴p̴l̶a̴t̴f̶o̴r̶m̶ ̵g̵a̴m̶e̶s̶ ̴a̷n̷d̴ ̸i̸s̸ ̵a̶v̵a̴i̶l̴a̷b̷l̴e̶ ̵t̴o̶d̴a̸y̶ ̸o̶n̶ ̴S̵T̴E̵A̶M̷™̵ ̸a̷n̴d̷ ̴o̸n̷ ̸i̵O̶S̸®̸ ̵a̷s̷ ̷B̸o̸r̴ ̷T̸h̴e̴ ̸V̵i̵k̵i̷n̷g̶.̷

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