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Announcing The Cost of Recovery, an Emotion-focused Narrative Adventure Game

Today we’re announcing “The Cost of Recovery”, a third-person narrative adventure game that lets you experience the different perspectives and emotional journeys of four protagonists when one of them suddenly suffers a stroke. We’re “Off The Beaten Track”, an indie game developer from Germany.

“The Cost of Recovery” is set to release on PC and Nintendo Switch in 2021 and will be unveiled for the first time this week at gamescom 2020.

The Cost of Recovery – Announcement Trailer

“We all have our own was of dealing with difficult situations – everybody copes in their own way. Our aim with this game is to literally put the players into someone else’s shoes and show them that there often are different perspectives to the same story. It’s a game about empathy and understanding.” – Jens Bahr, founder of Off The Beaten Track

In the game you take control of Abigail, Noah, Hailey, and Liam to experience their stories through exploration, puzzle-solving, dialogue, and contextual vignette games that are designed to evoke specific emotions.

Key features of “The Cost of Recovery”:
– Third-person adventure gameplay mixed with diverse vignette games.
– A mature, personal, and nuanced story that goes deep into internal conflicts.
– Experience different perspectives by playing as four different characters.
– S̵h̶o̷r̶t̶ ̵b̸u̴t̴ ̵s̴w̵e̴e̶t̷:̷ ̸t̸h̸e̷ ̵g̵a̸m̶e̸ ̴i̸s̶ ̷d̸e̷s̴i̴g̷n̷e̴d̴ ̴t̴o̷ ̸l̴a̶s̵t̶ ̷a̴b̶o̷u̶t̵ ̷t̷w̷o̸ ̸p̸l̸a̷y̶ ̸s̷e̶s̴s̷i̶o̴n̷s̸.̷

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