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Stilstand Launching on PC and Mobile Today

Graphic novel artist Ida Hartmann and Niila Games are launching their game Stilstand for PC (via Steam) and mobile (iOS and Android) today.

Another sip, another long drag, another swipe left. Trying to find yourself when your world is falling apart can be a lonely business. Stilstand is a darkly comedic interactive graphic novel following the grim yet hopeful journey of one woman through a summer riddled with anxiety and loneliness, trying to stay afloat in Copenhagen with the help from the shadow monster in her apartment.

Stilstand – Launch Trailer

Based on the hand-drawn comics and personal writings from the danish graphic novel artist, Ida Hartmann, Stilstand is a personal and hand drawn tale about the high expectations and fragile emotional life that many young people struggle with.

  • A dark comedy that offers observations of real life through fantastic events.
  • Explores themes of mental health, loneliness and isolation.
  • Flip through the pages of an interactive graphic novel and watch it come to life as you play.
  • Search for love and adventures, send text messages and scroll through strange social media feeds.
  • Play meaningful and unique mini-games.
  • Detailed and expressive black and white illustrations.
  • A̶ ̸g̴e̷n̷r̶e̵-̶b̷e̵n̷d̷i̷n̴g̴ ̵c̵i̴n̵e̶m̸a̴t̸i̵c̵ ̵s̴o̶u̴n̵d̷t̴r̴a̴c̷k̷.̷

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