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Crescent Moon Games and Dreambuilder Studios Are Happy to Announce That Their Open World Space Sim Stellar Wanderer Will Be Arriving to Steam

Stellar Wanderer is an old-school space opera set in a vast open-world universe.

Grow your skills and choose the best path that suits your play style. Become a FIGHTER, TRADER, TANK or ENGINEER, each with its own bonuses and special abilities. Follow the main story line or choose the side missions that you would like to play. Prove your space flight skills, mine for resources, transport merchandise, be a respected bounty hunter or even become the most dangerous pirate in the galaxy!

Experience a variety of gorgeous space sets, each with several interest points. Earn credits for the ship of your choice or choose multiple ships. Tune your ship with upgrades and enhancements!

Stellar Wanderer Steam Trailer


  • Story mode with 10+ hours of gameplay and voice acting.
  • Choose your class between FIGHTER, TRADER, TANK or ENGINEER.
  • Buy a variety of ships with unique characteristics.
  • Dock to deep space stations to find the best weapons, shields, engines and upgrades for your ship(s).
  • Explore space systems with gorgeous visuals and unique atmosphere.
  • Mine valuable minerals on contract or just for yourself.
  • Hunt renegades and fight space pirates.
  • Protect friendly ships or escort them across dangerous zones.
  • Haul goods across star systems or make emergency medical transports (just make sure you properly stash that occasional contraband – wink).
  • Prove your flight skills in… space races!
  • Use immersive cockpit or third person view.
  • P̶l̸a̴y̵ ̵w̶i̷t̶h̶ ̷m̸o̸u̵s̶e̴ ̵a̷n̵d̸ ̴k̴e̶y̴b̵o̵a̷r̴d̵ ̴o̶r̸ ̴w̵i̶t̵h̷ ̷a̵n̶y̵ ̸X̷b̴o̴x̴-̷t̷y̴p̷e̶ ̴c̶o̶n̸t̸r̵o̶l̵l̸e̶r̶.̸

The game will be available for Windows and is expected to be released in Spring 2021.

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