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Liege Dragon for Steam, Xbox One and Windows 10 Devices

KEMCO proudly announces the release of Liege Dragon for the Xbox One family of devices including the Xbox One X, and Windows 10 PCs set to hit the Microsoft Store today, and for Steam on the Steam store on August 31st.


The Revived Evil Dragon… A princess whose father has been killed, and who now must lead the kingdom… A young man who has collapsed on a mountain, his memory completely lost… In order to stand up to the menace of the Evil Dragon, the young man and the princess set off on an adventure in search of the Dragon Tools of the Three Heroes.

Destroy hordes of approaching enemies!

Decisively defeat the swarms of enemies that appear. By using Unison, triggered by the bonds between the allies, you can inflict huge damage!

Aim for enemies’ weak points!

Enemies have weak points. You can gain an advantage by reducing enemies’ Mental Gauges! With items you can gain from bosses during the adventure, even avoiding attacks becomes possible!

Use Sorcery Stones to learn skills!

By collecting Sorcery Stones, which you can gain in battles, you can have characters learn skills as you wish. You may even be able to have them learn powerful skills in one instant…!

Create powerful weapons!

Combine materials to create powerful weapons and armor! Create your very own powerful equipment by using applied effects!

Complete the Monpletes to gain items!

Defeated monsters are registered in the monster guide, Monpletes! With some monsters, the more of them you defeat, the better the item you might gain…

Snappy Battles with Auto Battle

The game features battle speed selection and auto battles, where characters act according to pre-set tactics, making level ups simple!

Multiple Endings

D̶e̷p̶e̷n̷d̷i̶n̴g̷ ̷o̴n̴ ̵t̶h̶e̵ ̴t̶r̸u̴s̸t̴ ̴b̶e̴t̷w̶e̴e̴n̵ ̸a̴l̸l̵i̸e̵s̵,̸ ̸a̵n̷d̷ ̴s̶o̷m̶e̵ ̶s̵p̵e̸c̸i̵a̷l̷ ̷c̵o̶n̴d̴i̶t̸i̸o̶n̴s̴,̴ ̶t̸h̴e̵ ̴e̶n̷d̷i̷n̸g̷ ̶m̴a̶y̴ ̸c̸h̶a̴n̵g̴e̶.̸.̴.̴

RPG Liege Dragon – Official Trailer

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