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Gone Viral to Launch in Early Access on September 24th on Steam

Skullbot Games and publisher Akupara Games announce their highly anticipated action roguelite Gone Viral will enter early Access on September 24, 2020.  Gone Viral is the ultimate hack n’ slash – execute wild physics-based kill combos to rack up Fans who airdrop badass upgrades that help you kill even HARDER! With boundless replayability, over-the-top combinations and mayhem, Gone Viral will be available in Early Access on Steam for $19.99, and is currently showcased in the Gamescom Indie Arena Booth. Players can get a first look by trying out demos available on Steam,, or Game Jolt!

Gone Viral – Official Reveal Trailer | gamescom 2020

Gone Viral explores a mutant post-apocalypse society that so glorifies violence and social media that the ultimate hybrid of the two has become the cornerstone of their entertainment – the most brutal game show ever devised. Gone Viral puts the player in the shoes of a “contestant” on that gameshow who has been captured and is forced to fight for their life – and for likes.

String together sickening combos to sate your Fans’ thirst for blood and gain rewards. Mutations upgrade your slaughtering skills to achieve even greater spectacle and efficiency as you tear your way through room after room, leaving a trail of blood and tears (but mostly blood) in your wake. Grab your freedom by the throat!

Rise to become the apocalypse’s greatest SOCIAL MURDIA STAR as you amass a following in-game or IRL. “IRL!?” you say? That’s right! Twitch Integration optionally lets you invite your viewers to take part in the world of Gone Viral as Fans who can vote to either help or hinder you.

Quench your fans’ parched throats with fresh-squeezed BLOOD and reap the rewards. Do WHATEVER it takes to gain freedom!


  • Killer Combos – Annihilate enemies by ricocheting them off walls, smashing them into each other, or shoving them into bone-crunching traps.
  • Kills = Fans – The flashier your combos and the more mayhem you unleash, the more likes and followers you’ll get!
  • Fans = Upgrades – Sate your fans’ parched throats with FOUNTAINS of blood and they’ll reward you with amazing upgrades!
  • Homicidium ad Infinitum – With endless combinations of mutations and attacks, each unique experience in the arena is as death-defying as the last so you can MURDER FOREVER.
  • B̴l̴o̶o̴d̴ ̸S̴t̷r̶e̷a̷m̸ ̸-̴ ̴R̵e̶a̶l̴-̶l̸i̴f̴e̷ ̴a̸u̴d̵i̶e̷n̵c̵e̷s̸ ̴c̶a̸n̴ ̷i̸n̴t̶r̴o̷d̸u̶c̴e̷ ̷a̶n̷o̶t̸h̴e̵r̷ ̵l̶a̶y̴e̸r̵ ̷o̶f̶ ̷i̸n̵t̵e̵r̵a̷c̶t̷i̶o̷n̵ ̵t̴o̸ ̷t̶h̷e̶ ̶e̴x̴p̴e̵r̵i̴e̵n̴c̸e̷ ̸a̶s̴ ̷t̵h̴e̷y̸ ̶v̵o̵t̷e̷ ̷t̸o̸ ̷h̶e̵l̷p̵ ̸(̵o̵r̶ ̶h̵i̵n̷d̸e̴r̵)̶ ̵y̷o̷u̸ ̵i̶n̷ ̶y̴o̴u̷r̶ ̷k̶i̸l̸l̸i̷n̶g̸ ̷s̷p̴r̷e̷e̶s̸.̵

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