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Story-driven Hacking Adventure Game Greyhat is Available Now on Steam – Demo Available

I’m excited to share the news that Greyhat is available now on Steam. The story-driven hacking adventure sees you playing as you, an infamous hacker-for-hire. Throughout your shady career, you’ve built one of the best reputations in the business for finding the dirt and getting the job done, no matter the consequences.

After crossing the wrong people in what seemed a routine job your family has paid a heavy price, your daughter has been taken.

Infiltrating a wide variety of PCs, you’ll need to piece together the clues to follow the trail of your kidnappers. Unknown to you, this trail leads down a path full of dark secrets and jaw-dropping conspiracies.  

Greyhat takes the puzzle hacking gameplay of titles like Grey Hack, Uplink, and Orwell but boosts the experience with a healthy dose of story. Imagine if a classic point and click adventure was trapped inside a computer.

Each stage of the game will require you to hack a new personal or office computer to solve a diverse range of objectives in order to find your daughter. Sifting through personal documents, business emails, corporate calendars, and peeking through your target’s webcams is vital to solving the mind-racking puzzles in the game. You’re able to take notes at every step of the game, which will be very useful the deeper down the dark rabbit hole you go.

Building a profile of your daughter’s kidnappers is just half the battle in Greyhat. On many occasions, you’ll be called in to save the day through a series of unique mini-games, that introduce genre-defining mechanics:

  • Find incriminating pharmaceutical test reports. [Check]
  • Hack into air traffic control to land planes flying blind. [Check]
  • Leak a Neo-Nazi organisations membership list. [Check]
  • Help solve a cold case murder and bring justice to a grieving family. [Check]
  • Stop a nuclear warhead from being launched with seconds to spare. [Check]

G̵r̷e̷y̷h̵a̸t̵ ̵i̸s̵ ̸a̶v̴a̸i̴l̷a̶b̴l̸e̶ ̵n̶o̵w̴ ̸o̵n̸ ̶S̸t̷e̴a̶m̵ ̷f̴o̴r̸ ̶P̷C̴ ̵a̷n̴d̸ ̶i̶s̷ ̸p̴r̵i̵c̶e̶d̷ ̵a̸t̸ ̵$̵1̸1̸.̶9̸9̵/̴£̴9̵.̵2̷9̵/̵€̸9̵.̸9̶9̷.̵ ̶T̷h̷e̶r̶e̷ ̵i̵s̷ ̵a̴ ̴1̶5̴%̸ ̵d̵i̸s̶c̸o̶u̸n̸t̷ ̴f̸o̴r̷ ̴t̶h̵e̷ ̶f̷i̷r̴s̸t̷ ̵w̷e̸e̶k̴ ̵o̴f̷ ̴G̶r̵e̵y̴h̸a̵t̶’̵s̷ ̸r̷e̵l̴e̷a̶s̶e̴.̴

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