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Nomadic, Turn-based Village Builder Gets a New Gameplay Trailer

Developer Unexpected has today released a brand new gameplay trailer for their nomadic, turn-based village builder As Far As The Eye which launches on Steam on September 10th.


The game is a nomadic turn-based village builder, with rogue-like and procedural generation elements. Players will take the lead, guiding their tribe of Pupils on an epic journey to the centre of the world known as The Eye. 

With an ever-rising flood following in their wake, players must keep their tribe moving forwards, establishing small camps at each “Halt” in order to gather the resources, skills and knowledge needed to survive the unforgiving road ahead of them. Whilst managing the resources and infrastructure of their mobile village, the tribe and its Pupils will also need to be guided in the ways of agriculture, crafting, scientific and mystical research abilities to reach their final destination. 


  • A peaceful adventure with no enemies, other than the floods pushing your tribe ever-onwards.
  • Establish camps as you travel across ever-changing maps with different regions, resources and events.
  • Uncover mysteries of the land as you discover ancient relics and lost treasures.
  • Make tough decisions as you try to balance the resources and skills needed to survive your epic journey.
  • Meet allies, negotiate for resources, and recruit new Pupils to your tribe.
  • Unlock new playable tribes and regions to discover new ways to play.
  • E̷a̷r̴n̵ ̷r̸e̴w̵a̸r̵d̶s̶ ̶a̵n̵d̶ ̸u̸n̷l̸o̶c̴k̸ ̷n̷e̴w̶ ̶s̵t̷o̴r̵i̴e̸s̷ ̵b̴y̵ ̷r̴e̸a̵c̷h̷i̵n̴g̷ ̷T̶h̶e̸ ̶E̷y̵e̸ ̶w̴i̶t̶h̸ ̵a̸s̴ ̸m̴a̴n̶y̷ ̵P̷u̷p̷i̶l̷s̴ ̸a̶s̵ ̸y̶o̴u̴ ̷c̸a̴n̴.̸

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