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Wingspan, a Soothing Strategy Card Game, Will Spread its Wings on PC on September 17th

Build your very own bird reserve, either alone or while competing with up to five friends. Plan the settlement strategy, the population size and diversity, or even the number of eggs the birds in your reserve will be laying. Learn a fact or two about your feathered friends’ habits, but most importantly, sit back and relax while you enjoy this soothing gameplay experience.

WINGSPAN – Steam release date announcement trailer


Wingspan is a relaxing award-winning strategy card game about birds for 1 to 5 players. In this exciting adventure, become the keeper of a nature reserve that’s a shelter for many bird species. Each bird you play can build a chain of powerful combinations in one of your three habitats – forest, wetland, and grassland. Every habitat focuses on a key aspect of growing your reserves.


  • Discover and attract the best birds in this relaxing strategy card game.
  • Play single-player or compete with your friends in a multiplayer mode for up to five players.
  • Based on an award-winning, competitive, card-driven board game.
  • Find hundreds of unique, animated birds with real-life audio recordings.
  • L̷e̵a̶r̴n̵ ̴t̶h̸e̶ ̶m̴a̵n̶y̷ ̷w̵a̴y̵s̷ ̶o̶f̷ ̸a̴c̵c̶u̷m̷u̵l̵a̷t̵i̸n̶g̸ ̷p̸o̴i̷n̸t̸s̸ ̸w̵i̶t̵h̸ ̸b̵i̵r̴d̷s̸,̶ ̷b̷o̶n̷u̶s̷ ̵c̴a̶r̵d̶s̸,̷ ̷a̸n̷d̸ ̵e̴n̵d̸-̵o̷f̵-̷r̴o̸u̴n̶d̷ ̵g̵o̵a̸l̸s̷.̸

Wingspan will launch on Steam on September 17th, with a Nintendo Switch™ release to follow at a later date.

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