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The First Chapter of The Girl of Glass is Out Now for Free on Steam

Markus Oljemark, an independent developer from Sweden, announced the final release date for The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird’s Tale. The hand-painted title is about to launch on Steam on the last day of this Summer, 22nd September 2020!

There is more to add about The Girl of Glass, though, as the first chapter of the game just released on Steam for free! It’s a perfect occasion to taste a bit from the magic represented by the gorgeously crafted environments, original story about the girl made of glass, and an orchestral soundtrack to match it all.
Markus originally announced his title in 2016 as a part of the Square Enix Collective program, gathering a whopping 91% of positive recommendations from players! It naturally sets the expectations at the sky-scraping level, but this little indie gem was always meant to become something more than just another game. Feel warmly invited to experience how the story starts in The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird’s Tale – The Journey Begins: Play the first chapter on Steam for free.

About The Girl of Glass
It’s an emotional summer tale that combines a colorful point & click adventure with strategic turn-based combat to tell the story of Kristal, The Girl of Glass. Her name isn’t a coincidence. She’s a fragile girl who’s been granted asylum by the owner of the circus, where she lived and worked for years. Now she’s grown up and looking for the true meaning of her life. To do that, she decides to leave the circus… but it won’t be as easy as it sounds…

The Journey Begins Features:

  • Find out why Kristal’s adventure began and what urged her to embark on her quest of discovery.
  • Meet the circus people and interact with them using various flavourful dialogue options.
  • Discover the adventure part of the game – how to navigate the world around you, interact with objects, and use them to solve mysteries.
  • Learn about the basics of the puzzle-like, turn-based combat, and test your prowess against an angry cat.
  • G̸e̴t̶ ̸a̷ ̶g̴l̴i̸m̴p̸s̵e̴ ̴o̸f̵ ̷t̸h̸e̶ ̴b̵e̵a̶u̸t̸i̸f̶u̸l̶,̶ ̵h̵a̸n̸d̸-̷p̸a̴i̷n̵t̴e̴d̶ ̶e̴n̴v̴i̵r̷o̵n̶m̷e̶n̶t̴s̸ ̴t̴h̵a̶t̷ ̷s̴u̷r̶r̵o̷u̵n̷d̸ ̸K̵r̸i̸s̴t̷a̷l̶ ̵t̵h̷r̸o̷u̸g̸h̴o̶u̷t̴ ̵h̴e̷r̵ ̷w̶h̸o̶l̸e̷ ̷j̴o̴u̸r̵n̵e̷y̵.̸

The Girl of Glass: A Summer Bird’s Tale is set to launch on 22nd September 2020 on Steam. Other platforms are likely to follow after that.

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