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Get a Deep Look into the Work on Industria With this New Developer Video

Get a deep insight into the team at Bleakmill who are currently developing their first-person mystery shooter INDUSTRIA.

In their first development journal co-founder David Jungnickel and composer Lukas Zepf show what they are working on and talk about how story and music affects the players’ emotions, and what challenges they had throughout the last years:

INDUSTRIA – Development Journal #1: Story & Music


The streets are full of people. After four decades of division, thousands of cars are rolling across the inner-German border. The Wall is finally open! At the same time, a man by the name Walter seemingly disappears in a secret research facility near East Berlin. His goodbye message reaches you too late and you are forced to track him down.

The search for Walter takes you deep into the facility – right into its center where time seems to stand still. A dark secret lurks – well hidden – behind the curtain. In the end, horrible insights make you dive deeper and deeper into a strange, surreal yet familiar world.

All these themes merge into one story for Nora, a woman searching for her loved one and constantly being confronted with the result of Walter’s past actions. This results in intense fights against an artificial intelligence which, like a cancer on the human body, has infested the city with technological tumors linked together by a network of sprawling cables. Emotional and supernatural confrontations will give the players a glimpse into a world they are not supposed to fully grasp.

Features include:

  • Profound story: Experience a classic story-driven first-person shooter with about four hours of gameplay.
  • Tight atmosphere: Dive into a carefully designed world full of mystery and lynchesque surreality.
  • Deadly danger: Enemies lurk around every corner – defend yourself with different weapons.
  • Unique setting: Berlin at the time of the fall of the wall meets a surreal parallel dimension.
  • E̸x̴p̸e̴r̵i̸m̴e̸n̷t̵a̸l̷ ̷s̴o̶u̴n̴d̵t̸r̷a̸c̵k̸:̸ ̴S̸y̵n̶t̷h̴e̵s̷i̴z̷e̶r̴,̶ ̵a̵c̴o̶u̸s̵t̸i̵c̵ ̸i̸n̴s̵t̵r̴u̵m̴e̴n̵t̷s̸ ̸a̸n̵d̸ ̴m̴e̵l̶a̴n̵c̴h̷o̷l̴i̴c̴ ̵v̴o̶c̷a̴l̶s̴ ̵c̸r̷e̷a̶t̴e̵ ̷a̷ ̸u̴n̷i̸q̶u̷e̷ ̶a̶n̶d̴ ̴m̸e̴m̸o̸r̵a̴b̷l̴e̴ ̵e̴x̷p̷e̷r̵i̷e̶n̴c̵e̷.̷

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