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Emerge from Cryostasis to Discover a Brand-new World in Woodsalt, Launching October 13 for Steam and Nintendo Switch

Team Woodsalt are proud to announce that their first game, Woodsalt, a narrative-led sci-fi JRPG with a cast of quirky characters, otherworldly locales and a dose of existential mystery, will launch October 13 2020 on Steam and Nintendo Switch. 

Control Emcy, whose penchant for sleep has steered him clear of an evacuated Earth to wake 1000 years later on Nu-Terra, a sprawling city contained within a bubble. What, where, why and how? You’ll find out as you explore the world around you, develop relationships, and uncover a mystery that spans the entire universe and your very existence.

Woodsalt Announcement Trailer (Steam, Switch)

Stirred awake from his first night on Nu-Terra by a strange spectre, Emcy finds that is only the beginning of his troubles…


  • A curated Shounen odyssey free from fetch quests or filler, every chapter a full piece of the overarching puzzle and wanderlust of the city.
  • Multiple Endings across main and side quests including secret versions that may involve cat collecting…
  • Come across a dog with a space helmet: what’s not to love!

Inspired by the golden age of 90s JRPGS, Woodsalt is an adventure that speaks to the chilled-out at heart. Shape Emcy’s path with various dialogue options, meet and befriend the colourful cast of Woodsalt, and most importantly, take your time and go along for the ride – without the heartrate of an FPS streamer suspended in a vat of Four-Loko!

W̷o̸o̷d̵s̵a̷l̷t̴ ̷w̵i̷l̵l̸ ̴b̷e̷ ̷a̵v̵a̵i̴l̶a̸b̶l̸e̵ ̷o̶n̷ ̷S̷t̴e̶a̷m̵ ̴a̵n̶d̵ ̵S̵w̷i̸t̸c̴h̶ ̷f̵o̵r̸ ̶£̵1̶9̸.̸9̴9̴.̷

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