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Sci-fi Horror Kohate Launching October 15th

DarkStone Digital will be launching a new horror mini-game “Kohate” on October 15th 2020.

After the release of Our Secret Below, DarkStone developer Brian Clarke wanted to create something small and fun in time for Halloween. “I figured this would be a great opportunity to re-visited my first project ‘The Subject’ and expand on its universe a bit.” said Brian.

Kohate is a sci-fi horror about a man who has been bought at auction to take part in a horrific experiment at a secret testing facility.

K̸o̶h̸a̶t̴e̷ ̷i̵s̷ ̶p̸l̵a̸n̸n̵e̸d̷ ̴t̴o̸ ̷l̷a̷u̶n̶c̸h̴ ̷o̶n̸ ̷b̵o̴t̴h̶ ̴S̴t̵e̷a̸m̴ ̴a̷n̵d̸ ̵I̸t̶c̴h̸.̸i̵o̸ ̶O̴c̶t̷o̶b̷e̸r̴ ̶1̶5̷t̸h̴ ̶f̴o̵r̸ ̴$̵4̷.̷9̷9̵.̴

Kohate launch trailer | Sci-Fi Horror coming to steam and itch October 15th

About Kohate
Kohate is a sci-fi horror about a man who has been arrested, bought at auction, and shipped to a secret testing facility in deep space. The player must perform the tasks required to work their way through the complex while avoiding the abomination lurking within its halls.
The setting of Kohate takes place in the same location as Brian Clarke’s first solo project “The Subject” with an all new location and experience. Visually inspired by sci-fi horror movies from the 80s, Kohate aims to be a fun and thrilling experience that can be completed in one sitting while providing multiple endings, secrets to find, and lore to expand on the narrative.   

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