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Commander ’85 – a Sci-fi Thriller Coming to PC and Xbox One on September 30th

“May 13th, 1985.

Dear Diary,
Today is my BIRTHDAY! Mum gave me the best present ever! A Commander ’85 – a super modern computer with real artificial intelligence! It’s really smart, and I can talk to it and play games on it. I can’t wait to show it to the rest of the guys!”

Commander ’85 Release Date Trailer

Commander ’85 is a sci-fi thriller that will allow you to decide the fate of the world using an advanced system of interaction with the computer’s artificial intelligence. Build its trust and friendliness toward you, listen to its sarcastic comments, and even watch as it quarrels with your parents! With hundreds of possibilities and random elements in the game’s plot, every time you play will be different, with your choices leading to one of three possible endings.


  • A historical setting featuring the culture and technology of the 1980s. Including various Easter eggs and nostalgic references.
  • Innovative artificial intelligence system reflecting every choice and decision you make, and as a result leading to various plot twists and different endings.
  • Randomly generated story branches and elements of the player’s surroundings, additional quests, and optional activities make every playthrough different.
  • Radio stations broadcasting custom shows, commercials, and music, to help you really immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ’80s.
  • Numerous games and programs that you can not only install, but actually run on your Commander.
  • G̸r̴a̵p̶h̵i̸c̶s̸ ̸i̵n̸s̵p̴i̴r̶e̴d̷ ̵b̷y̴ ̶V̸H̵S̵ ̸r̸e̶c̴o̵r̸d̷i̵n̷g̷s̷,̶ ̴w̸i̴t̴h̷ ̷a̵d̶d̸i̶t̸i̴o̶n̸a̵l̸ ̶s̴e̴q̷u̸e̶n̴c̵e̸s̶ ̶c̴r̶e̷a̸t̷e̸d̷ ̵i̵n̴ ̶t̴h̶e̷ ̸s̶t̷y̵l̸e̴ ̸o̸f̸ ̴p̵e̶r̷i̷o̸d̵-̴s̵p̴e̴c̸i̵f̵i̸c̵ ̸m̴o̶v̵i̴e̸s̷.̶

Commander ’85 will launch on Steam and Xbox One on September 30th this year. The game is being developed by The Moonwalls studio and will be published by Gaming Factory and Ultimate Games.

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