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Conduct Monsters’ Autopsies to Reveal Their Weak Points, Make Potions, and Mix Magic With Science in Artificer: Science of Magic, Now Available on Steam

Sure, as a man of science, you’d much rather observe, test, and learn. In the end, how many people in the history of mankind have had the chance to explore alien planets and creatures not seen on Earth? The thing is, those creatures aren’t that friendly, and it’s either/or really. Either you put them on your autopsy table, or they put you on their dining table as a main course. So put your scientific desires aside, prepare your magic amulets, and prepare for a hunt: it’s the only way to survive.

Artificer: Science of Magic – Release Trailer

Artificer: Science of Magic is a single-player survival crafting game focused on researching and practicing the arcane arts. Learn how to survive the perils of the hostile planet Alcor by pitting your resourcefulness and intellect against whatever is currently trying to hunt, skin, and make a meal out of you. Apply your technical abilities to the arcane. Learn how to cast spells and craft elixirs. Delve into a dangerous world of mystical research to uncover new recipes and rituals on a journey to unlimited power. Create incantations and build magical automatons. Perform magical experiments to further your knowledge. Master alchemy, thaumaturgy, and divination to construct artifacts of immense strength. Steal arcane secrets from ancient ruins. Learn alien languages to read magical grimoires. Fight monsters and dissect them to learn their weaknesses. Harvest valuable alchemical ingredients. All this to eventually uncover the planet’s secrets and find a way home.


  • A unique survival crafting game that mixes a fantasy world with science fiction elements.
  • Original graphic design deftly connecting two different realities of science and magic.
  • A system of harvesting ingredients, crafting elixirs, and casting spells allowing gamers to choose their playthrough style.
  • Monster dissection mechanics, allowing the discovery of weak points, which can later be exploited in combat.
  • A̵ ̴b̶e̸a̸u̷t̵i̶f̸u̶l̸ ̸s̶o̸u̵n̴d̶t̷r̷a̴c̴k̶ ̶w̶i̶l̶l̵ ̴h̸e̴l̶p̷ ̶g̵a̷m̵e̸r̸s̵ ̶t̸o̵ ̸i̵m̵m̴e̷r̴s̵e̷ ̸t̷h̵e̴m̵s̵e̷l̶v̵e̷s̵ ̵i̸n̵ ̵t̸h̶i̸s̵ ̶o̸n̸e̷-̵o̷f̸-̴a̶-̶k̶i̴n̴d̵ ̷w̷o̵r̶l̷d̷.̴

Artificer: Science of Magic is now available on Steam (

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