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Educational Games for Kids Offers an Inspiring Collection of Family-friendly Learning Gems to Children of All Ages

Casual game developer and publisher CrazySoft is proud to invite players of all ages and experience levels to tryout a fun collection of family-friendly games designed and produced specifically for children and young adults aged 3-18. Educational Games For Kids is a polished and great looking collection of fun games in an overlooked category of quality content. Educational Games For Kids is available on XBOX® One, PS4®, STEAM™ and on Windows® 10 with more versions coming soon to Nintendo Switch®, MacOS®, iOS® & Android™, as well.

Educational Games for Kids by Crazysoft (Steam video)

Educational Games For Kids is the perfect companion for parents seeking a great way to not only entertain, but also to educate children in a fun and engaging way thru a series of high-quality Edutainment titles. Featuring an astonishing 21 unique games with a total of 51 variations to play the collection offers something for everyone; reflex games, logic games, math games, memory games and knowledge games are all included in the pack and presented with crisp, colorful graphics with easy-to-learn intuitive controls and compelling gameplay. With the built-in statistics you can keep progress on how your child is doing as they play.


  • 20+ Fun Edutainment Games.
  • 50+ Variations Of Play.
  • Suitable To Players Aged 3-18.
  • Crisp, Colorful Design & Visuals.
  • Achievements (PS4®, XBOX®, STEAM™).
  • Unlockable Dragon Game.
  • F̷u̷n̶ ̵C̷a̸t̷e̸g̸o̷r̶i̵e̸s̷,̶ ̶s̵u̴c̷h̵ ̶a̷s̶:̵ ̵R̶e̷f̷l̶e̵x̶e̵s̶,̴ ̵L̴o̵g̸i̵c̷,̴ ̵M̷a̵t̷h̴,̷ ̴M̶e̷m̶o̸r̴y̵ ̵a̶n̸d̶ ̸K̸n̶o̸w̶l̶e̴d̴g̵e̷.̵

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