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PalmRide: Coming to Steam

After 5 months of more or less full-time development, PalmRide is getting a Steam page. Check out the latest trailer here:

PalmRide Official Trailer

PalmRide is a synthwave-styled fast-paced driving game heavily inspired by the old classic games like OutRun or Rad Racer. The goal of the game is to avoid obstacles and drive as far as you can accompanied by your beloved girlfriend.  

Implemented Features

  • Endless procedurally-generated maps.
  • 2 unique game zones.
  • Roads rendered using the classic road rendering techniques.
  • Flight, Nitro, Slowdown bonuses.
  • Different songs for each game zone.
  • Ability to shoot pretty much everything (of course, I said pretty much because you won’t want to shoot a life or a bonus).

Planned features 

  • Online leaderboard system.
  • 3 more game zones.
  • A̵n̸ ̵A̵u̸d̸i̵o̷s̷u̵r̸f̵-̷l̶i̷k̸e̵ ̷g̷a̸m̵e̷ ̸m̶o̷d̷e̵.̶

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