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RetroNinja Announces Solo Dev Effort, Run Die Run Again

Industry veteran, Jerry Lawson Lifetime Achievement Award winner; Tony Barnes, designer of the iconic Strike Series, Strider 2014 and countless other titles, reveal a new game, Run Die Run Again.

Run Die Run Again (RDRA) is a fast-paced first-person precision platformer, where every inch of the environment is out to kill you! A speed-running, trial and error endurance contest, where fast reactions and acrobatic dodging skills are rewarded.

In RDRA, it is the year 2127 and massive mega-corporations run all aspects of life. For upward-mobility and a chance at a better life, people take on the role of a “Runner”, a contestant in the world’s most-popular and most-deadly game, “The Run”. Runners must navigate virtual obstacle courses created specifically to test their endurance and see if they’re worthy to become one of “The Selected”. For some; fame, fortune and a secure future are worth the risk being trapped in a never-ending parkour gauntlet of death.


  • First-person parkour. Precise and responsive first-person platforming controls, enable players to; run, dash, double-jump and stop on a dime.
  • A variety of race courses. Dozens of hand-crafted areas, not including alternate route variations, give players upwards of a hundred deadly obstacle courses.
  • Original electronic soundtrack. A unique blend of drum & bass, trap, industrial, trance and hip-hop, keeps players pumped and the momentum going.
  • Unlockable Items. Courses, Songs, Character Holograms, Skins & Celebrations can all be obtained throughout play; as well as hidden “Runner Logs”, which provide world-building lore.
  • Dynamic contextual commentary. The host of RDRA periodically makes context-sensitive comments on the player’s actions, providing world building and flavor.
  • L̵e̸a̷d̴e̴r̶b̶o̴a̶r̶d̶s̸.̸ ̸L̵o̴c̶a̷l̶ ̸a̸n̸d̶ ̵G̴l̵o̷b̸a̴l̸ ̸l̵e̴a̷d̷e̴r̷b̴o̴a̸r̴d̵s̷,̸ ̷e̸n̷c̸o̴u̴r̴a̷g̴e̴ ̴c̴o̶m̶p̸e̶t̶i̷t̵i̶o̶n̴ ̷a̷m̸o̷n̵g̸ ̶p̸l̴a̶y̸e̷r̵s̶ ̶a̷n̵d̴ ̷t̸h̸e̴ ̶s̷p̴e̶e̶d̷-̶r̵u̵n̵n̷e̶r̸ ̷c̵o̵m̷m̴u̸n̵i̴t̷y̵.̸

Tony Barnes in speaking about RDRA said, “When I thought about RetroNinja’s first game, I wanted to make something I could do largely on my own. While trying to figure out what that was, I was playing a lot of Destiny, Celeste, Super Meat Boy and Titanfall 2. I thought; first-person Super Meat Boy, now there’s a game I think would be fun, a game I could make by myself,” and RDRA was born.

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