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Megalomaniacs Are Challenged to Work Together in Retro-inspired Action-adventure Mean-While on Steam

Indie game developer Project Tranquil is proud to announce the official release of Mean-While, an addictive and fun 2D action-adventure game featuring two rivaling megalomaniacs bent on world domination! Brought to you by the same dudes who created Dev Guy and Secret Santa, Mean-While is a comedic gameplay experience inspired by such classics as Metroidvania® and Megaman®Mean-While is available for purchase via STEAM™, including Achievements, and also available via GameJolt® as a free download.

Mean-while steam trailer

Mean-While is a humorous nonlinear action-adventure featuring Join Skeleman and his rival Dr. Dangerous, two megalomaniacs trapped in each other’s fortress. Your task is to play both characters, switching between them accordingly, to help both personality journey to the top. Fans of retro-inspired games will instantly feel at home with its retro-look and audio, and it’s non-stop jumping, slashing, shooting, bombing, bashing and grappling to the worlds end in the hope of survival and success. Solve puzzles and collect upgrades as you navigate each level and look out for the slugs wearing boxing gloves, surely a cool novelty deserving a download!  
Mean-While is not a long game, but offers bosses to fight, upgrades to apply and secrets to discover. Due to some odd twist of fate, both characters need to cooperate to set things straight, and your perilous journey is made harder when you come face to face with the hysterical protagonists. The voiceover in this game is something to behold, and you will find yourself laughing out loud at the narration as you play. Can you help Join Skeleman and Dr. Dangerous overcome their self-inflicted nightmare?
M̸e̵a̴n̵-̷W̴h̸i̸l̵e̶ ̶i̸s̶ ̴a̶v̴a̶i̸l̴a̵b̸l̷e̷ ̴o̵n̵ ̷S̸T̶E̷A̷M̴™̸ ̸f̵r̷o̴m̷ ̸h̸e̴r̵e̵:̸

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