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Plot of the Druid Demo Coming to Steam on October 15

Independent developer Adventure4Life Studios announce the prologue to Plot of the Druid on October 15 for free on Steam, available on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Plot of the Druid is a fantasy point and click adventure game using high-definition hand-painted drawings that capture the feel of old-school pixel art. The script has a dry, sarcastic British wit that’s reminiscent of Simon the Sorcerer, Discworld, and Harry Potter.

The free demo will feature 1+ hour of gameplay with lots of silly jokes, many references to classic adventure games, a small taste of magical shapeshifting, two difficulty levels (like in Curse of Monkey Island), a journal to help keep you on track, and fully voice and text localization into six languages.


  • A small taste of magical shapeshifting
  • Beautiful hand-painted HD artwork in the style of old-school pixel art.
  • Wacky characters, ALL fully voiced. 
  • Cool references to classic LucasArts and Sierra games.
  • Two difficulty levels: Young Apprentice and Master of Disaster.
  • Smooth 2D animations, including amusing and thrilling cutscenes.  
  • An immersive, charming background music. 
  • A hotspot reveal option to avoid pixel hunting.
  • A journal to help keep you on track   
  • A̵v̴a̵i̶l̸a̸b̶l̶e̴ ̵i̶n̸ ̶E̷n̶g̵l̸i̸s̷h̴,̴ ̸H̶e̶b̸r̵e̷w̷,̵ ̸S̴p̸a̴n̴i̴s̶h̴,̶ ̷F̵r̵e̴n̵c̵h̴,̶ ̵G̶e̶r̶m̷a̶n̷,̸ ̸I̸t̸a̵l̴i̴a̴n̴ ̵a̸n̶d̸ ̴R̷u̸s̷s̴i̷a̸n̶.̷
Plot of the Druid trailer

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