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Almost My Floor Prologue Launches Free on Oct 5

A free prologue coming out to Steam next month for a new indie point’n’click adventure – Almost My Floor. This unique adventure will introduce the story of Alex, a real fan of horror movies, who one day will experience what it’s like to get into one.

Almost My Floor presents an endearing story-driven experience with a vibrant hand-drawn environment with a ton of fluff and details waiting to be explored.

Your choices influence the story and it’s up to you how this story will end.

P̴l̵o̶t̶ ̸s̵u̴m̷m̸a̵r̵y̴:̶

The main character comes back home as usual, enters the elevator and it takes him to nonexistent floors. Terrible things begin to happen around him, so much that it becomes hard to distinguish fiction from reality. He has only one goal – to quickly get out of this horror and get back home.

Game developed by Potata Company, a small indie game studio consisting of just two people from Russia. 
The full game release is planned in February 2021.

Almost my floor trailer (indie point&click horror)

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