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Chaotic Couch Co-op Supermarket Shriek Releases on October 23rd 2020

Qube and developer Billy Goat Entertainment are excited to announce that Supermarket Shriek is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC on Steam on October 23rd! Join the unlikely duo of man and goat in this award winning couch co-op adventure! Tackle outlandish obstacle courses, complete rewarding challenges and dodge deadly obstacles in a hectic race to the checkout!
The release packs in a frantic 38-stage co-op campaign and 3 hilariously fun PvP party modes for 2-4 players.

Supermarket Shriek – Announcement Trailer | Coming Soon to Switch, PS4 & Steam!

A Couch Co-op Experience Like No Other
Propel our two heroes through supermarkets, shops and boutiques using their wild, incomprehensible screams!

Man Screams: Kart turns left!
Goat Screams: Kart Turns right!
Scream Together: Kart powers forward!
Use your controller triggers to make each of the duo scream – or if you’re on PS4 or PC you can hook up two mics and *literally* shriek your way to victory in what we call: “Duet Mode”.

Outlandish Obstacles & Rewarding Challenges
Warm up your vocal chords and get ready to take on a variety of action-packed gameplay modes! The 38 stages include outlandish Obstacle Courses, intense head-to-head Races and not forgetting the-mode-where-you-knock-over-the-tins-of-beans.
Behind each shopfront, expect a relentless stream of obstacles blocking your way to the checkout! From the mundane (conveyor belts, spillages) to the absurd (fire pits, swinging axes, sumo wrestlers & more!).

Multiplayer Mayhem in Aisle 4
#SettleTheStore in one of 3 hilariously fun PvP party modes for between 2 and 4 players!*
Race around the supermarket and be the first to tick-off every item in Shopping List, dominate the arena in the an epic clash of man, goat and trolley in Sumo, and scream as though your life (or indeed, some points) depends on it in a head-to-head Race!
*2-8 players on Steam! This could get loud…

S̶u̶p̵e̵r̴m̶a̴r̵k̶e̵t̴ ̸S̶h̸r̴i̴e̸k̴ ̶w̸i̴l̸l̴ ̴r̴e̴l̶e̷a̴s̵e̸ ̶o̶n̴ ̶2̴3̷r̷d̶ ̸O̷c̸t̴o̸b̷e̶r̴ ̶2̶0̸2̵0̷ ̶f̶o̴r̷ ̶N̴i̴n̴t̶e̷n̷d̸o̶ ̵S̵w̵i̴t̵c̵h̶,̴ ̷P̴l̵a̶y̷S̵t̸a̶t̵i̴o̷n̶ ̵4̸ ̶a̸n̷d̷ ̴P̷C̶ ̸o̷n̷ ̷S̸t̶e̴a̶m̶!̷

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