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Gordian Rooms: A Curious Heritage has Launched

Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage is available for everyone on Steam and the Humble Store. After a successful demo period the complete experience is waiting for those who seek to obtain their rich uncle’s heritage!

What is Gordian Rooms: A curious heritage?
Gordian Rooms: A Curious Heritage is a Victorian escape game, where the players solve various puzzles in their late uncle’s mansion in the hope of obtaining his legacy.
During the game players will have to solve puzzles, collect and combine items and activate hidden mechanisms. As they progress, they will uncover the secret behind their uncle’s legacy and unveil the mysterious organization pulling the strings from the background…

K̷e̷y̴ ̷F̶e̸a̸t̶u̵r̷e̴s̵

  • Beautiful Victorian style
    • Every aspect of the game was made with the Victorian setting in mind. All the objects players will find are true to the time period, be it a refrigerator or a projector. Everything in the game is reminiscent of the past.
  • Diverse and challenging puzzles
    • Players will need to use their skills of deduction, combination, recollection and observation to overcome the various challenges in the game. Some puzzles may require you to find and combine various items, while others may contain clues that could help you solve a different problem.
  • Relaxing gameplay
    • There is no rush, everyone can enjoy the game at their own pace, while listening to some fine melodies. Contrary to how modern escape rooms work, Gordian Rooms does not impose such a limitation on the player. However, this does not mean that the game is easy, on the contrary!
  • Mysterious story
    • The players are faced with the challenge of obtaining their enigmatic uncle’s heritage. All the while, untangling the underlying plot and secret motivation of those involved. Players are required to explore the various locations in the game, and only after reading every clue will they get to completely understand, what it is exactly they stumbled into…
  • Available in 11 languages
    • English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and of course Hungarian. The native tongue of the developers.

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  1. Stuck at first hurdle as it is impossible to look at the candle for a code. Glitch or bug? Makes it unplayable.

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