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Pro Gymnast Now Available on Steam Challenges You to Become an Elite Competitor in Acrobatics

Indie game developer Tim FitzRandolph aka Walaber Entertainment, is proud to announce the official release of Pro Gymnast, an amazingly fluid and expressive physics-based game of skill and acrobatics for the PC and macOS, available exclusively via STEAM™ today. Inspired by classics such as QWOP (2008 ragdoll-physics game), Getting Over It, and the well-known Ski Stunt Simulator, Pro Gymnast offers a feature-rich gameplay experience that more than makes up for the Tokyo Summer Olympics that got canceled earlier this year.

Pro Gymnast Official Trailer : “Made By A Gymnast”

Produced by someone who knows firsthand what it takes to become a pro, Pro Gymnast features gymnastics, parkour, and ninja obstacle courses to complete. Tim is not only a lifelong gymnast and acrobat – but also the developer who brought you “Jellycar”, and he was the lead designer on “Where’s My Water?” that was published by Disney Mobile. Two years in the making, Pro Gymnast is a contemporary and much-improved version of his freeware Gymnast game from 2008 that offers the thrill and triumph of accomplishment that comes from overcoming a real challenge.
Pro Gymnast challenges you to become a champion and to master the unique controls that allow unlimited expressive freedom, a million ways to fail (and succeed!) and produce amazingly lifelike motion through 70 challenging courses to complete. The multiple built-in tutorials teach you the mechanics you need to know, and from there, you progress through the game earning medals and unlocking new locations and outlandish courses. You can fully customize your avatar, and the level editor included is identical to the version used to produce the game! A built-in replay feature allows you to instantly export videos and GIFs of your in-game exploits for sharing on social media sites.
K̷E̷Y̸ ̵F̷E̶A̸T̶U̸R̸E̶S̸

  • Realistic ragdoll physics.
  • Extreme Courses To Master.
  • Customizable Avatars.
  • Fully Featured Level-Editor.
  • Replay Features.
  • In-Game Tutorial.

Pro Gymnast is available on PC & MacOS® from here:

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